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Anonymous: Is it true Rufus's curtains match the drapes?

"The euphemism is clearly lost on you, because if I remember it correctly it is ‘Does the rug match the curtains?’ And while I don’t understand why you are infatuated with my future husband’s pubic hair— colour patterns vary in body hair, so it wouldn’t be abnormal if he was. Colour designators in the hair is much like skin tone, it’s melanin that helps produce haircolour. Those who cannot produce melanin have lighter toned hair and well hair grows all over our body due to our evolution.
So what do you think?”

Anonymous: Is it true Rufus sucks to sleep with?

"He snores."

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"I am a man of making sure everyone is on board," he said, smiling.

The hand extended, he took it tenderly, kissing it again before slipping two rings upon her finger. The one ring may have been considered old fashion, but it had been in his family for generations, and even if she never wore it, he wished her to have it. The second he placed was his formal proposal to her, one he had designed and carved himself out of obsidian. This was all the fanfare he needed.

"Shalua Shinra-Rui, if you wish. You are a doctor, after all, and a strong woman. There is no need to force upon change unless you want it," he said truthfully. Words he had heard from his mother. Standing, he held out his arms and held her close, smiling into her hair. 

"But regardless, you are mine, and I am yours. That is all that matters."

"You’re still an idiot, my idiot. My idiot almost husband.”

Two rings had surprised her, but both were modestly elegant and most likely worth more than all of her assets liquidated including the arm that rested between her elbow. She’d wear both of them, on the non-traditional hand, but still hers nontheless. She didn’t care how the came to being or what he spent. This was his moment— so price tags would forever forgotten, plus her mother had told her not to question the man who lowered on bended knee when he knew he wasn’t supposed to.

"Shalua Shinra. Rui is a professional name— and I have never dreamed of changing my name until now, the Rui family name was something I was so concerned for— for the longest time— but this is the name I want. Shinra." A name she had once loathed would be her next surname, throwing her arms around him she laughed— the happiest she had been in a long time.

"Nothing else will ever matter now."



"She is a smart young woman. She will figure it out indeed, if she has not figured it out already. And yes. I know. I just like to remind myself of my limits every now and then."

He let her hand fall, waiting on baited breaths for her words, but part of him was already moving. Down slowly, to a knee. A hand slipping silently into a pocket. 

"Marry me…"

The hand paused, but only for a moment, and he found himself chuckling, there, on his knees before her. She had, yet again, beaten him to the punch. But then again, what were formalities, really?

"Well, since you took away the fanfare," he started, pulling the ring from his pocket finally, "Shalua, will you do me the honor of letting me, Rufus Caelum Shinra, be your husband?"

Always the official one, sunken to his knees before her— before she could notice that he was going to do the exact same thing— and this was better than any agreement, any stupid fight that they had that ended in glory of one being right and the other admitting their putrid mistakes.

And there she was beating him to a man’s job and she swelled with a twisted sense of pride as he proposed after her words. A smirk played across her features as her hand was stuck out farther. It was untraditional to use the right hand, but it was the only one she had. She didn’t need the fanfare. She wanted little— small things, she didn’t even need the ring— but that was something he needed.  

"Rufus. If you think I’m going to say no at this point— you’re a bigger idiot than I estimated." Another sigh. 

"I think I could be Misses Shinra."

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"I would call your sister’s care more of a peace offering, but I am glad you see it as spoiling. And I promise I will not go over the set amount. We can lower that amount if you wish. We really don’t need much else…"

Really, all we need are two rings….

His face broke into a smile and he took up her hand, kissing it gently. 

"And you are the very thing that keeps me moving forward, love."

"She sees it as unneeded, as Reeve pays her— well I guess that means you also pay her. I don’t care what comes out of that estate or what you’re giving Reeve, it’s just funny that she hasn’t realised it’s your money coming out of the WRO coffers, I mean other than taxes. Rufus, that limit is there for you— it’s a number we agreed on, and if you never hit it, fine— if you do? Fine. At the end of the day, you are what matters—”

When he kisses her hand, her eyes widen an idea bubbling forward. “Do me one favour though.”

A long pause.

"Marry me."



"I realize this, and by no means do I wish to force any rapid change. And I realize you are not used to being spoiled, but just ask the Turks, I enjoy spoiling people I care about, and I care about you deeply. However, if you wish for me to scale down, I will. I just….want you to feel comfortable and not worry about anything…"


"Look at me Rufus. I’m standing on two legs in a beautiful house, with my handsome not husband. And I understand that you spoil people— the arm…the rent, caring for my sister. That’s spoiling enough, plus the clothes…and you are doing fine— just nothing over the amount we talked about before. And Rufus, none of the material things matter. You are the very thing that makes me comfortable, the man I love.”



Oh right…I’m supposed to look at price tags now…

"You are completely right…it would clash with everything you currently own…"

"That’s not the point— I’m not used to living above my means. I’m not used to having a pay check or being spoiled— or just being a kept woman. We can live comfortably without overspending. It’s nice to have a elegant gift now and again, but I don’t need lavish things, I just need you.