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I’d never keep a secret, not from a comrade. You must want to learn all you can about the stigma. Naturally for the sake of those orphans you live with. Surely you long to see the smiles return to their faces. All we want in the end, is to rebuild our world, Cloud…


"Rufus Shinra…. WELL, young Rufus Shinra, that is. I first want to draw Vincent but after awhile, it just seem more logical for this one to be Ruru."

"Fact: Vincent did try fencing in boarding school. He just never took to it."

"Do you remember the last words we exchanged? Do you remember our promise? Your promise to Lucrecia? Go. Tell her how you feel. Tell her what is truly in your heart. I know that you probably will never see this but I have to try… I have to believe. I’ve learned I must never give up hope.




"You are exactly right," Rude said with a nod. "Ask you if you were done then invite you to continue, by all means, if it was making you feel better." Rude thought to himself that Rufus was in for it now. The Good Doctor had his number and he did not sign her paycheck.

Rude nodded and ordered a whiskey sour. There was no press for time so other decisions could be leisurely. “The trouble with those two,” he began, “Is that she hates him for the sins of his father and Rufus’s own shit coping strategy - which I completely understand! I was there for those decisions and they were in no way clear or easy.”

He huffed a laugh and continued, “And he hates her because she makes no secret of telling him he’s an ass and pointing out his failures.”

Rude’s statement was indeed correct. One of the few arguments that he and Shalua had ended with the man asking if she was quite finished, and it had caused her to storm out of there. Rufus could indeed be a martyr without such intentions. The woman pushed the menu aside, ordering her own drink— knowing the extra dry martini would come in handy.

"I understand where Tifa is coming from. I used to blame Rufus for a lot of things— I was even one of the people that tried talking Reeve out of taking money from him, stating the WRO didn’t need blood money. However, in my case you have to ascertain the actions of war and not associate them with the actions of the Soldier. It’s true that Rufus made a lot of shitty choices in his father’s footsteps, but is it actually correct to base and pass judgement on the actions surrounding meteorfall?” She paused, to take her drink from the waitstaff, placing it on the table carefully. “In my case I was selling illegal reproductions of ShinRa software, you’re a Turk— and that still speaks for itself…I was  also smuggling, and she was working with a terrorist group that blew up a reactor that killed a handful of people and killed countless others.”

Another pause and a sigh, “Honestly, I don’t think she should judge him based off meteorfall and surrounding escapades, since no one seems to judge her based on the evil that AVALANCHE did before they fought Sephiroth— but then again he also needs to accept that he has a lot of stigma to get past.” 


                                                         【I’m a soldier】
              These shoulders hold up↑ so much,
                                                              They won’t budge I’ll never fall or fold up
                                                          【I’m a soldier】
              Even if my collar bones crush or crumble
                                                                       I will never slip or stumble.
                        Willing to stick out my neck for
respect if it meant life or death.
                                                    Never live to regret what I said.




"Believe me, if I thought that I could beat him black and blue and have it mean anything, I would." he confessed with a roll of his own eyes behind tinted glass. "But sometimes words work a lot better."

"The two of you should start a mutual admiration society," he intoned with good humor as the waiter came for their orders. "Believe me, it was a hard-fought battle for her not to kill him. Next time he does something idiotic like this I will not fault her if she does."

"Sometimes I want to beat him back and blue, but I doubt that would work. He’s so impassive, he’d most likely just look at me and ask if I was done. But, no you’re right— I think words work a lot better in this case— and I’ve begun to understand how he ticks."

"Maybe we will— have some drinks and dinner." The woman had been thumbing through the drinks menu, still undecided on what she wanted to order, nothing fancy— that was sure. "Well I’m very glad she didn’t kill him, and I wouldn’t blame her if she beat him if was stupid enough to pull that stunt again, but personally I doubt he will— we talked about a lot of it, but he’s still working on a lot of things.”



"Somehow, that would not surprise me if they were. Turks have a habit of lying to their superiors. And I will leave the aforementioned man out of conversations from now on, unless information on him becomes important. Also, I will be asking you questions to get a second opinion, but mostly because I actually trust you. That is good to hear; I was worried the new arm would cause problems. I told them to take the medicine costs from your account. We discussed before you went in that I would cover the majority of the costs this time because the original arm was based off of faulty, experimental designs from Shinra."

"More so to protect their ass than to save their superiors feelings, huh? Thank you, it’s not that he matters any longer— it’s just he’s done so much to both of our families. I’ll be more than willing to answer all of your questions, Rufus, you know that. You should trust the WRO doctors and the others that work on your back. I know you did. I saw that statement a couple of months ago, however the arm was something that was so unexpected, I had it all financed through the WRO. I’m not going to fight you on it since it’s all paid off, true my old arm was based on the ShinRa designs— that stole. But then again— my arm was crushed fighting off others, therefore it should have been written off as a work expense.”



"It’s my job to protect him. Not break him," Rude returned the smile with a partial one of his own. "Well, not physically."

A deep breath and he replied with raised eyebrows, “Yes, you have a fan. Tifa sends her admiration.”

"—Sometimes I wish you’d just knock some sense into him, it sounds terrible, but sometimes he doesn’t get it.” She sighed, rolling her eye at Rufus’s whiles. “But— perhaps he understands a little bit better now, since we’ve spoken and all.”

"Tifa—hm. I still feel badly that he and she both duked it out." A small smile, "I’m actually more of an admirer of her, I know what she could do to him, and I’m grateful she didn’t kill him.”