"I know. I figured it would be good practice for me if we ever-"

He cut himself off, swallowing slightly before calming himself.

"-if we ever adopted…"

He smiled at her, adjusting his tie. Rufus hated and loved the fact she made him nervous.

"Nothing is official," he told calmly, "but I was thinking Feliz, Shears, Futo, Biggs, Wedge, and Jess…."

She had to smile at all those names— and the fact he was so nervous over the fact that adoption could be in their future. A most impressive future, almost normal. 
"I like all those names. Very fitting for us, strong names."
Eye closed a smile gracing her lips.
"If? When."


"I assure you this move was a little less impulsive than the other times. I have been reading about puppy care and have already ordered food and toys for them," he said, motioning to the computer next to him, "and Dark Nation has welcomed the puppies. She actually is babysitting them nicely."

Less impulsive. 
Surely less than when she proposed to him. 
"I see." She states, cooly, not dismissive, but cool— eye turning to the screen. "Well I’m glad she likes them. She’s well trained, and I hope we can train them well too, they will be very rambunctious in the next coming months." 
She pauses once more. 
"Do they have names?"



"Touche….well…you know the humane society was overcrowded….and we have a large yard….plus we can modify some of the basement rooms into a kennel…"

"I understand— well we have more than enough room for dogs, however…we will have to find well balanced dog food, toys, leashes, kennel supplies, and other things, they will be a lot of work.”



"Dark Nation had….blonde puppies….?"

"Blonde is a recessive trait— I doubt she had blonde puppies.”

"Rufus—when did we get so many dogs?”

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Anonymous: Is it true Rufus's curtains match the drapes?

"The euphemism is clearly lost on you, because if I remember it correctly it is ‘Does the rug match the curtains?’ And while I don’t understand why you are infatuated with my future husband’s pubic hair— colour patterns vary in body hair, so it wouldn’t be abnormal if he was. Colour designators in the hair is much like skin tone, it’s melanin that helps produce haircolour. Those who cannot produce melanin have lighter toned hair and well hair grows all over our body due to our evolution.
So what do you think?”

Anonymous: Is it true Rufus sucks to sleep with?

"He snores."

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